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Games Inspired by Asia: Enjoy The Oriental Fun

Get the Awesome Asian Feeling, Have Fun and Win!

There are a bunch of online games these days. And that is why it is possible to find the game for everyone. Typically, all games can be divided into the following categories:
1) by type
2) by developer
3) no download/download
4) by playing mode: free or paid
5) by theme.
This article will check the best games themed around Asian culture. We will talk about different types of games powered by different software providers. Since slot machines make the bigger part of the Oriental themed games, we have decided to omit them. Thus, we will talk about different types of Asia inspired games, but not about slots.

Some of the Oriental Themed Games You Should Try

The first game, which we are going to discuss, is Cat Around Asia. This intriguing puzzle –type machine was introduced to public by Alma Games. In fact, that is the third edition of the exciting Cat game (the two previous ones are Cat around the World and Cat around Europe.) Thus, in this third version of the popular game you will be able to perform a trip to six Oriental countries and you need to pass five levels in each country. Your main goal in this exciting game is to collect food for the cat. In conclusion, Cat Around Asia is an entertaining, smart and engaging game, which helps you train your brain while having fun.
The other game, which we believe you should try, is Machi Koro. This is one of the most famous Japanese city-building card and dice games and therefore, it is included in our list of the most intriguing Asian games. When it comes to its rules, everything is no so easy here. In general, you will need to compete to be the first one to create a small village into a sprawling metropolis. Two to four players can enjoy it. At least 30 minutes is needed to play it. To be able to enjoy the instantly playable game, make sure you understand its cards. In fact, the game features two types of cards: Landmarks and Establishments. The good thing about this game is that it also makes you think and build strategies in mind. At the very beginning, all the players have equal chances of winning. You need to have a bit of luck and know some gaming tips to succeed. Anyway, this fancy city-building card and dice game was launched by Masao Suganuma, so you will surely enjoy its graphics and general presentation.
Zone4 is one more game that is worth checking out. This risky and engaging street-fighting themed game promises gratifying action, bright and colorful graphics, and lots of online fun. Players adore this game because it features no dull or boring moments. You can play it with up to four friends. To tell you the truth, it is an ideal game for all street fight lovers.

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